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Online designs your personalized Futcard, choose between multiple designs and we take care of sending it home.


Discover all our custom products

Discover our flagship product, the popular custom FutCards, inspired by designs from the FIFA video game.

And we now have new products, like Historic Moments, or cards for other sports like padel or basketball. What are you waiting for?


FutCard Classic

PVC FutCard printed on high-quality vinyl. 5mm thick and matte finish.

Methacrylate cards

3mm-thick methacrylate FutCard with a glossy finish (similar to glass).

Iniesta España

What are Historic Moments cards?

Are there football moments from the past that bring back good memories?
Then this is for you!

This new product will bring the past back to life and offer you historic or memorable moments from the world of football, because the best moments should never die.

They are available in three sizes (A4, A3 and A2) and in two different materials (3mm Methacrylate and 5mm PVC).

We recommend adding the double-sided sticker add-on to hang on the wall, or the methacrylate holder to display them wherever you want.

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More than 2000 FIFA cards sent

Thousands of customers have relied on Futcards and already enjoy their personalized FIFA letter.
Here, you can see some of them.
What do you expect to have yours?

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Choose between different designs and sizes

Here you can compare the sizes of our Futcards. Choose yours! See +250 Card Designs

How does it work?

Do you want to know how the whole process works so you can do with your own Futcard?

Over 250 designs to choose from



Choose design

In Futcards we currently have hundreds of designs. You just have to choose your favorite.

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Choose the materia

Choose between the classic material (PVC), methacrylate or a downloadable Digital Football Card.

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Choose the size and image

The time has come to choose the size you want for your own custom FutCard and select the image you want to use.

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Choose your Stats

Choose the statistics that you want your custom card to have: shooting, speed, defending, etc.

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Preview the final design of your FutCard. This is the ideal moment, for example, to add additional features to your purchase. Now get ready to have fun!

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How are our custom FIFA cards?

FutCard Classic (PVC):

  • 100% personalisable
  • Sturdy 5mm thick material
  • Incredible finish, with gloss coating
  • Easy to hang on the wall


  • Material: Methacrylate
  • Printing: High-quality vinyl
  • Thickness: 3 mm
  • Finish: Glossy (similar to glass)
  • Anti-scratch: No
demostración de las partes del diseño de las Futcards FIFA

1. Your average rating / Your position

2. Your nationality

3. Your emblem

4. Your photo

5. Your name

6. Your statistics

FutCards – Create your FIFA Card

The FutCards are the perfect gift for any situation. Do you want to find out more?

FutCards: Ideal for lovers of FIFA or football fans. With football players, trainers, clubs, etc., with FutCards you will make your friends and family feel like they really are their sports heroes.

Historic moments: The perfect gift to remember those plays, moments and scenes that have become part of the sport’s history.

FutCards for others sports: If you do not play football but are a fan of basketball, tennis, padel or handball, we have what you need. With custom stats and unique designs for each sport, you will find your dream card.

Also, there are packets of cards, options for large amounts, perfect for clubs, tournaments, camps and campuses. Make it an unforgettable experience.

We decided to launch this project because we do not just want professional footballers to have custom cards, we also want YOU, whether you are a football player of simply a football or FIFA fan, to have your own card and feel like a pro.

What are you waiting for? Get your own custom FutCard or find the ideal gift to surprise your friends and family.

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