Terms and conditions

Returns and refunds

All our sales are final, and refunds cannot be processed due to the fact that all cards are personalised and printed after having received an order made specifically by the customer.

In the event of our agreeing to make a refund, the customer will be offered credits which can only be redeemed on our website. In this way, orders may only be made with these credits on www.futcardsfifa.com.

In order for a product to be replaced, the item must have been damaged in the delivery process, or we must have made an error when personalising the card. You must therefore provide us photos with the damage or errors to demonstrate this.

If for any reason the product has not arrived 15 business days after the date it was sent, we will review the delivery and consider the package to have been lost. In this case, we will proceed to send you a new item.


By purchasing on FutCards, you accept our Terms and Conditions, which allow us to use the images provided by customers to personalise the card. Additionally, you also allow us to post the cards on our social networks or on the website.

FutCards does not have a licence and is not affiliated with EA Sports or with any football league. Before sending us the image to personalise the card, please ensure that you have permission to use it.

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